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RockBros Polarized Cycling Sunglasses UV400

RockBros Polarized Cycling Sunglasses UV400

SKU: 1421000600

Product Details:


Product Name: Interchangeable riding glasses
SKU: 14210006
Lenses:Gray polarizer, Dazzle coated sheet, Yellow enhancement film,transparency
Material: TAC,PC,PC,PC
The mirror frame:TR90
Product net weight: about 30g ( single lens does not include packaging)
Colors: Black sand/matte white/navy/cyan
Myopia box: send myopia frame (myopia within 400 degrees,astigmatism within 200 degrees)


Product Features:


1. Four pairs of lenses --- Lenses and frames can be split and combined freely.

2.Cool coated lenses that protect eyes---Coated lenses help block harmful rays from ambient light.

3.LIGHT-ENHANCING--Night riding with brighter brightening lenses; Enhance contrast bright, not harsh night to enhance visual effects.

4.Myopia frame can be built in---Better cycling experience for people with myopia myopia lenses need to be equipped separately.

5.Non-slip comfortable rubber mirror legs---lnside full plastic four corners grinding round long wear not tired.

6.Lightweight wear--Long time wear light no burden.

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