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ROCKBROS Bike Lock Fingerprint U Lock

ROCKBROS Bike Lock Fingerprint U Lock


Product Details:

Brand: rockbros 

Name: anti-theft bike thumbprint or lock

Digital printing capability: 20 battery parts: lithium battery 420mah

Using time: total power can be unlocked 3000 times 

Size: about 19*12*3.7cm

Shield material: zinc alloy + abs material hook blocking: aluminium alloy + silicone

Weight: about standard 437g: ansi/incit 378 and iso/iec 19794-2 standard



1. Initially, press any fingerprints to enter the fingerprint recognition port. The green led blinks as you hear two sounds, it will unlock

2. Within five seconds of the release, when the green led is glowing, place the fingerprint that you want to enter pressured the digital fingerprint recognition door for four seconds, you will hear a sound, that means enter the input mode.

3. After the finger leaves, press eight times continuously, and you'll hear one sound at a time. The last time there'll be two sounds, then the finger will go away. After ten seconds, the led will come out and the recording will be completed.

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