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ROCKBROS Bicycle U-lock Steel Carbon

ROCKBROS Bicycle U-lock Steel Carbon

SKU: 32410607001
Name: Bold anti-shear U-shaped lock
Material:steel carbon+zinc alloy lock cylinder
Lock Body Diameter:≈2.2cm
Steel Diameter:≈1.4cm
Product weight:≈400g
Be Applicable:Bicycles, motorcycles, etc.
Product Features
1.High-strength steelzinc alloy lock core
2.12 Tons Of Hydraulic Pliers Cut Continuously
3.Quenching Heat Treatment Stiffened Steel Beam
4.Double Lock Tamper-proof
5.Silicone Protective Sleeve Doesn't Hurt the Frame
6.Zinc Alloy C-class Anti-Theft Lock cylinder
7.The serpentine slot is difficult to replicate and reduces the mutual opening rate
8.Easy To Lock Anytime Anywhere
9.Two Options Convenient Travel
10.Comes with a storage bracket, which can be attached to a seat post or hung on the frame, saving time and effort

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