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ROCKBROS 2023  Mirrors Blast-Resistant Adjustable Retractable 21-26mm Handlebar

ROCKBROS 2023 Mirrors Blast-Resistant Adjustable Retractable 21-26mm Handlebar

SKU: 2621000700
  • ✔HD & Security: The lens of this bicycle mirrors for handlebars is a high-definition mirror, which can reflect the real scene to the greatest extent without blurring or glare. At the same time, it has very good Blast-Resistant performance to ensure the safety of the rider.
  • ✔Transversal Rear view Mirror: Our bike mirrors for handlebars can be rotated 360 degrees. On this basis, it can also be moved laterally to obtain a larger field of view. This function allows it to adapt to more scenes, more models and riding postures, and it is a brand new and very practical function.
  • ✔More Horizons:The lens of our bike rear view mirror has been specially designed, and its length and width have been expanded appropriately, so that it can provide more vision, allowing you to observe the situation behind through the lens. Capture more road surface information and make correct judgments.
  • ✔Strong and Stable Installation: The installation structure of this bicycle rear view mirror is very stable, it is made of aluminum alloy, no need to worry about it will be damaged or broken, and the inner wall is protected by plastic spacers, it will not hurt your bicycle. The installation can be completed with only one screw, which is convenient and quick.

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